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People: Full Reiki & Intuitive Guidance Session: 60 minutes

Reiki sessions with Wendy are a true healing and spiritual gift one can give to themselves or to a loved one.  
First-time Reiki Sessions with Wendy last 60+ minutes as she spends extra time with new clients establishing rapport, answering questions about Reiki and assessing clients needs for Reiki at the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels in their lives. Wendy channels Reiki energy into the client by gently placing her hands on or over the client’s fully clothed body, working with the body’s energy system in and around the chakras to clear away blockages and bring the body back into a state of balance for optimum health.  

Clients enjoy deep relaxation during sessions with Wendy, leaving with a heightened sense of clarity and lightness that lasts for days.  Some experience visions or have emotional breakthroughs.  Some feel tingling sensations and experience sensations of heat or cold.  Pain lessens or completely disappears. Regardless of the reasons why individuals are drawn to experiencing a Reiki Session with Wendy, each client leaves with a sense of inner transformation.

Many clients feel that weekly sessions help balance out their stressful busy schedules until a moment of equilibrium is reached within their body’s system and then sessions are continued at the client’s discretion. Please note Wendy is willing to travel to those that are too sick or are otherwise physically unable to come to her directly for Reiki sessions.

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People: Distant Intuitive Guidance Session: 30 and 60 minutes

Distant Intuitive Guidance Sessions, are available for clients living in other cities, states or countries.  Wendy works with clients all over the world. Many local clients who enjoy Wendy’s in-person sessions refer their own friends and family members living in other states and countries for distance healing.  Many have experienced tremendous results with distant phone sessions from Wendy following the distance healing.

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Pets: Full Reiki & Intuitive Guidance Session: 60 minutes.

Wendy usually starts of the Reiki/ Intuitive Guidance session by asking permission of the animal directly, or by setting an intention that we are open to facilitate the healing process for the animal for as much energy as they are open to receive, or none at all (this is a form of permission).She does not always initiate hands-on contact when working with an animal, allowing the animal patient to be the one to initiate contact. She always allows the animal to move freely in the session space. By paying attention to what the animal is telling her by their behavior about how he or she wants to be given the session. Animals appreciate a passive and open approach. By “offering” the energy in a non-assertive manner. She creates a safe Reiki bubble which the animal can move into and out of freely, if he or she wants to participate in their session. Animal Communication is a two way process, there is a sender and a receiver. Wendy asks the animal questions and may receive answers in the form of thoughts, pictures, words and feelings. She may ask the pet what part of his body is sore and feel it temporarily in that part of her body. She acts as a translator and the voice for animals. Each animal is an individual with their own personality agenda and purpose and therefore there is never a guarantee of what he or she is willing to share.  The length of the session is always determined by the animal patient it may be as short as 40 minutes or as long as 60 minutes. After she finishes the session, Wendy always thanks the animal for participation in the session.

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