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Praise From Clients:

“Wendy is a true healer. She is the quintessential reiki practitioner–warm, soothing, easy to talk to, intuitive, charismatic and kind. Spiritual hygiene vastly improves by being in her presence. I’ve had several reiki sessions with her and am looking forward to many more. Every session is unique and enchanting in it’s own light. She has helped me release emotional blockages. Physical pain is alleviated too.

I feel freer and closer to my authentic self than I have in years. I am manifesting my dreams again; even ones as small as a good parking spot. When I am feeling out-of-tune, I make an appointment with her. I notice the instant and residual energetic shift each time. Life is amazing when the energy flows!

Furthermore, she is capable of channeling angels and spirit guides. She is a conduit. She’s made several insightful comments, which must have come from another realm. One specific comment was about finding an inspiring relationship where we both make each other higher. This was a thought I’d had over the past few weeks. I did not share it with anyone. She knew it.

Reiki has instilled a renewed faith in our universe for me. Repressed memories have occasionally resurfaced. And ‘letting go’ is getting easier because of reiki. It’s as if my inner child is reawakening. Fear-based thoughts and emotions are lessening and responding to myself, people and environment with love and appreciation has increased exponentially.

She has reminded me to ask for things again. I tend to forget. Asking in my mind is enough. Higher entities are hearing my requests. It is incredibly awesome how often I receive what I ask for once I believe it will come. Wendy has taught me angels and guides communicate with us through repeating number sequences. I am seeing these almost on a daily basis now validating I am still on the appropriate wavelength.

There were pent-up emotions in my liver. She gently placed her hands on my side. I could feel her hands heating up and immediately felt release. She has motivated me to raise my vibration and the vibration of those around me. Healers like Wendy make the world a better place to live.

One session she removed an old chemical from my body; something I was exposed to as a child. Afterward I was more open. People are approaching me and initiating positive interactions more frequently at work and even on the street. Opportunities are gravitating toward me regularly. Life is smoother now. I am truly grateful for finding Wendy and making reiki part of my life. Whatever your journey may be I am confident a reiki session with her can help you immensely along your path” -Tyler C. from Los Angeles, CA

“Wendy is a completely magical person. Her warm kindness and empathy make her a wonderful healer, but her abilities are so far beyond anything I have ever seen. She will open you to an entirely new world! Receiving Reiki from her had such a positive physical effect on me. For the first time, I could literally feel the energy flowing throughout my body. My stomach problems have almost disappeared, and she has been the catalyst for an immense personal growth in me as well. By tuning into my guides, she can tell where the energy blockages in my body are and help me to let go of old energies. She is not just a Reiki Master but also a wonderful guide, psychic, healer, and a person that inspires me to be better” -Alexandra L from Santa Monica, CA-

“Wendy truly is a Reiki Master. I have been seeing healers for years and for me, Wendy is the best. She knows exactly what she is doing. Wendy is an extremely kind and compassionate person. After my Reiki sessions, I have had some very positive experiences in the world and I know they are directly related to Wendy. I feel much more at peace with myself. I have referred Wendy to my friends and for their dogs. After their Reiki sessions, they all called to thank me for referring Wendy to them. Give yourself a gift with a Reiki session with Wendy” –Robert G. in Beverly Hills, CA

“Let me start by saying that Wendy is a true gem!
Wendy came highly recommended to me and she has met and exceeded my expectations.
I have worked with healers and intuitive people before. Some were good, some were great but none were incredible.

Wendy is so many things at the same time. Yes, she is an incredible healer, spirit guide, counselor and medium to people and animals alike – alive or diseased. But she is also tremendously kind, compassionate, caring, intuitive and devoted.
It is rare to find all these attributes and skills in one person. Wendy is able to work with each person and or animal in such a way that they feel immediately at home and at ease with her.
She intuitively and immediately senses the core of the person or animal she is treating- understanding what that person or animal needs. Wendy can do this in person or from a distance.

She has been a tremendous help to my family in making me feel at peace about my children. There is nothing more important or valuable to a mother….
My son was having very bad allergies and I could not figure out what he was allergic to.
Wendy was able to tune into my son’s spirit guides and figure out what he was allergic to. I had felt so helpless not being able to help my son. Wendy gave me the answers i needed to help him. She gave me tremendous peace of mind and my Son has his health back.
I highly recommend Wendy. I trust her with any questions i may have. I trust her with the health of my children. There is no bigger compliment i can think of.

Thank you Wendy!” -Joyce V from Middletown, NJ-

“My boss was visiting me from Japan and since he was very stressed, I decided to get him a reiki session (he is very open minded about holistic stuff)

I have never experienced a reiki before but Wendy was very nice in emails and explained everything. My boss does not speak English so I wasn’t sure if she could do a session without communicating back and forth with a client. but she can do a session with people around so we decided I will accompany the session to translate for my boss.

Wendy can come to your place to do a reiki. You just have to have a couch or  a bed where you can sit or lay down and relax. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. She  can even do a reiki over a blanket.

She is very gentle and explains everything throughout the process. You do not have to be spiritual but be open minded about what she tells you and she will totally open you up to a whole new realm of self understanding and self care, which are the essential part of well-being!

She is a very spiritual and intuitive person so (as long as you are comfortable talking in depth about metaphysical part of life) she could give you very insightful guidance.

My boss was very very happy with the session. Even more than any massage therapy or psychic readings he ever had.

Happy boss makes my life so much easier so I am very grateful!

Wendy is a beautiful person inside and out and I highly recommend her!” -Kaoru K. From Los Angeles, CA-

“Some may see reiki and being able to tap into soul guides as hocus pocus but after a session with Wendy it’s the positive results that can’t be disputed.

Recently Wendy did a session for our new rescue who we received after he had been neutered, teeth cleaned, and microchipped. He also seemed to be desperately missing his rescuer who he had been with for three weeks and had saved him from the streets and showered him with love. The next day he was a total different dog. There’s healing fast and healing with a boost. Wendy definitely gave him a turbo charge in all areas.

To top it all off, she was able to tap into my daughter and I’s guides and validate many things she hadn’t had anyway of knowing before.

Do you not know what to get the person who has everything? Get them a session, they’ll definitely come away with a true gift. Do you not know what to tell people when they ask you what you would like for your birthday etc? Ask for a Reiki session from Wendy for you or your animal family.

I have also recommended Wendy to others personally. The thank you’s I have received made me feel as if I could do some checking off the good deed list” –Jodi F. from Studio City, CA

“Wendy is incredible. Her power to heal with Reiki is simply amazing. I have been witnessing her work from afar in NYC, watching her heal a multitude of dogs, horses, & even lizards – one that actually came to her with a torn tail. But what really astonished me was the story of Little Bear. A small dog that was mauled by another dog. He had puncture wounds over his entire body – bruised, swollen and lacerated. He had lost a lot of blood and was severely swollen. It was all touch and no go for days. When a life-threatening bacterial infection lessened his chances of survival, I sent Wendy a message asking if she could send Little Bear as much energy as possible. He needed a miracle to pull through. If he could make it through the night with his body accepting the antibiotics, he would live. If not, unfortunately his fight would come to an end. Wendy worked her magic.

The next day, the report came back that indeed he had survived and his body had accepted the treatment. Everyone had concluded that it was a miracle!! But I knew behind Little Bear’s fight there was another force at work….Wendy’s Reiki treatment.
Not only is Wendy an amazing healer, she is one of the most kind people I have ever met. I have known her for 20 years and she is as lovely now as she was the day I met her. Its no wonder so many people feel the same way as I do” –Joe in NYC

“Wendy is completely magical. I started working with her in February, and my life has changed dramatically as a result – she is a talented reiki master, intuitive guide and healer. She has an incredible ability to read what’s going on, balance it out and bring in positive energy. Within 24 hours of a session with her, I’ve felt a clear new energy and always seem to have something unexpected and positive occur. She often gets a “you’ll never believe what just happened!” text!
I cannot recommend her highly enough!” -Cara T. from New York, NY-

“Wendy is soo amazingly gifted no words can describe! 2nd time I’ve experienced Reiki from her and the second time leaving spiritually balanced! So much to be learned from her on taking care of our wellness  Blessed to find someone who can help heal humans and sweet little critters as well.  -Kristina C. in Sunset Beach, CA

“Wendy is amazing! My 10 lb terrier mix was hit by a car two years ago and has required rehab. I called Wendy to see if she could help with her healing. She came over and my girl immediately crawled into her lap and closed her eyes. Before I knew it my cat and my other dog were also next to her trying to get healed. :) I went out of town a week ago and she stayed at my house and watched my animals and I was so happy and content knowing they were all taken care of.She came over yesterday to do another treatment and we were on a walk, my little terrier girl Vivian started whining and crying trying to get to her.
She is loving, kind, compassionate and I would recommend her to anyone.She does Reiki on Vivian and then stretches her with instructions from my vet.
I am so grateful that she is in our lives”-Caroline B. in Los Angeles, CA

“Wendy is a wonderful loving healer… My baby Grover Loves her and has benefited greatly form the sessions, and even Oliver (my pussy cat) seems to wake up from his 20hr nap and manage a sneak healing when she is here:) I highly recommend Wendy, she is wonderful to be around, she has a beautiful compassionate & loving energy and she really cares and truly loves all her clients/ patients. Grateful to have met her” –Yasmina S. in Playa Del Rey,CA

“My Pitbull is getting old and is losing function in her hind section. I have always done energy work on her, her whole life. The first thing Wendy says as she starts to work on her is she has a very male energy. I am a male- thinking Lucy has become a receptacle for the energy with a Pisces moon. Her sensitivity to energies is impressive and her ability to focus the Reiki energy through her with such laser focus also. After her session Lucy was very serene for at least the next 24 hours and in the following days had several pee’s where i did not have to hold her up. We are impressed and getting ready for our next session. Thanks Wendy!” — Adam T. in Woodland Hills, CA

“I felt an immediate connection to Wendy when I met her b/c she has such an open, pure, compassionate energy & she also has a sweet & joyful personality. What struck me further is her dedication, devotion & love for people & her genuine desire to help others on their healing & spiritual journey. She has an incredible altruistic vibe. Her session epitomizes the unconditional, universal love of Reiki.

Wendy has a sweet & kind soul & speaking with her is inspirational and soothing & she has an eclectic knowledge of metaphysical and spiritual subjects. The reiki energies flowing from Wendy are impressive-strong, but gentle. I literally felt like a heavy energy lifted from my body & as if a blockage was cleared. I felt like I was absorbing pure & powerful healing energy, which flowed head to toe & at times was focused on certain areas. I also had chills & waves of energy throughout my body & sensations of an “energetic” hug during our session.

I saw gentle pink, lavender & white colors around my head & other colors as I absorbed the Reiki light. There was a feeling of deep peace throughout the session, with a bit of a floaty, lightness. Wendy’s presence & beautiful soul, heightens & strengthens my own reiki energy flow & my hands were warm & my feet & head had that vibrational buzz of Reiki energy. I felt more energized. I look forward to receiving future sessions. I felt lighter after & my back pain was significantly reduced. Thank you Wendy for your loving spirit & healing gifts. I consider you part of my soul family & a Reiki sister.”
Michele in Los Angeles

“Wendy and Reiki are the best combo on this planet!  She truly is a special person.  She just gets it.  Enough said.  In only a few weeks, I have seen MAJOR change happen in my life.  For such a seemingly subtle form of healing, the results are anything but.  I feel much better in my body, working through and removing all the blocks and thought patterns that don’t serve me anymore.  My personal relationships are stronger and my business is improving.  Even though we all have things that we would like to change, change itself, is sometimes not easy.  Wendy and her amazing energy really put me at ease and her technique/style of reiki really clicked for me.  I feel much more in control going with the flow!  Go figure, haha.  I am so grateful that I was introduced to Wendy.  She has even worked on my whole family, which includes my husband and three animals.  I love knowing that we’re all in good hands…get it?…reiki…lame jokes…are awesome :-).”   Thank you, Wendy! – Erica M. in Los Angeles

“One of my doggies “Spotty” recently got bit by a spider. I had to take to him to the vet right away to get antibiotics. I didn’t know how poisonous the spider was.  After we got back home he was very uneasy and acting very uncomfortable. I heard about  Reiki from a friend. I wasn’t sure about it because I never heard about it. I decided to contact the Reiki lady (Wendy) anyways. She was so lovely! My doggies immediately were drawn to her. She took Spotty to my room and started doing her Reiki magic … he even fell asleep. After she left he stopped scratching and he healed within days. She was amazing! Will definitely use her again. Specially for my Dog pitbull Sarah…. She’s a brat hopefully Reiki will calm her down. I’ll write how everything goes with Sarah. Thank you Reiki for helping my Spotty.” — Mirna G in Burbank, CA

“My French Bulldog was suffering from symptoms of Cushing’s disease: excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination, panting, rear leg weakness and all around lethargy. I hired Wendy to give him a Reiki session, not really knowing what would come of it. Within seconds, my dog had his eyes closed and his whole demeanor looked more peaceful and calm than he had been in the many months since becoming sick. He had been feeling agitated for so long and she brought him some much needed relief that I wasn’t able to.” – Laura M. in Santa Monica, CA

“Wendy is pure magic! Words cannot express how special she is and how much she’s already helped my family. She has an extraordinary gift that is undeniable. Not only has she helped me and my husband through reiki treatments, Wendy was instrumental in helping my 21 year old cat as she passed away on Tuesday in peace, calm and love — heartbreaking yet truly comforting. She’s as beautiful inside as she is outside and I am so grateful to have found her!” –Sara B. in Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Wendy for being so amazing with my 2 dogs. I have a Jack Russell and Frenchie that love Her. She takes such great care of them and her ability to heal through reiki had done wonders for my dogs. Not only is their vet impressed with their improved health , but my friends are too. Highly recommend!!!” – Joanne L. in Beverly Hills, CA

“Wendy is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. She’s incredibly intuitive and very gifted. She’s always striving to learn more and connect on a deeper level. I highly recommend her.” –Monica H., Los Angeles

“I heard about Reiki about 10 years ago, I wasn’t sure if it’s something that could help me with my shoulder pain and my stress.. I’ve had for shoulder surgeries and quite a few deaths in my life.. I decided to try Wendy’s sessions. After I left the first session I felt light and the pain in my shoulder was at a moderate level. having dramatic stress in my life she taught me how to work through these issues during my sessions. I chose to make another appointment with her feeling so positive about the first one after the second session with Wendy I truly feel that Reiki can be used in many aspects of peoples lives through pain and suffering I recommend trying a 40 minute session of Reiki. Thank u Wendy for helping me, Can’t wait for the next session.” –Norma Jean M in Los Angeles

“Ever since I started my work with reiki life seems to have gone a lot more under my control. My emotions no longer get the best of me. I have learned to transmute fear into love and how to deal with the outside world but more importantly I have learned how to deal with the inner chaos I create. Now I feel ready for what ever the universe has chosen for me to overcome. Thank you Wendy! Namaste!” –V.R in Whittier

“She’s pure magic” -Chelsea F. in Manhattan, NY

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